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this is us

Allison snuggles with a little buddy!

About Allison by Marc

Allison is compassionate, generous, and makes those around her feel valued and loved. She is the best at cheering me up!

  • Grew up in Chicago, which is obvious by her accent.
  • Lived in Ireland for a year which sparked a love for travel. She also loves reading, baking, and jigsaw puzzles.
  • She’s courageous, open to new experiences, and getting out of her comfort zone.

Allison is the Middle School Director at our church and is passionate about building relationships and safe-spaces for young people.

Marc will be a great dad!

About Marc by Allison

Marc is my best friend and makes me laugh more than anyone. He always puts our family first and keeps our home fun, grounded, and loves adding a bit of adventure. Plus, he’s the best travel partner!

  • Grew up in Oregon and loves all things outdoors: skiing, hiking, or anything that involves mountains.
  • Down time finds him running, loving on our dogs, or planning our next trip.
  • Enjoys podcasts, movies, and crosswords. He loves sharing what he’s learning!

Marc works from home as a software engineer. When he travels for work, I love to tag along.

Just another day in the office for Allison.